study programmes

study programmes

There are different ways of studying at Sussex Downs College:

Around 500 students take a full-time course, leading, at level 3, to "extended diplomas" (equivalent to three A levels) in art and design, creative media production, or music production and recording. They gain a deep working understanding of their subject as a whole, especially in the areas of specialist practice which they pursue after the diagnostic stage of the course. Maths and English are also taken as needed.

Around 400 others take a mixed programme, combining subjects (such as A levels in photography, graphic design, fine art, media studies, drama and theatre studies, or certificates and smaller diplomas in dance, acting, musical theatre or production arts), either as part of a "creative package", or with other academic subjects.

Both routes boast brilliant outcomes, grades and progression to university and work. A guidance interview will help you to decide on the pathway which suits you

Prospectus information clarifies these differences, but you are always welcome to call us and arrange a guidance interview.

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