Imagine being a published journalist as part of your list of experience at a competitive employment or university interview! 

Students on all media programmes and other programmes have an chance to take part in the 'newsdesk' project. This is run in collaboration with the Eastbourne Herald, who provide a publishing opportunity for aspiring journalists and photographers. Students work individually or in teams to find, research and report anything of personal or local interest. Pieces deserving consideration are refined, edited, shortlisted and/or selected, and sent to press accordingly. A number of students progressing to employment or undergraduate study with published work on their CVs are bound to do well. This is one of many 'enrichment' opportunities which help students at the college to build their experiences and achievements for a subsequently competitive environment.

The standard of student input in the herald is very high, from students on the BTEC Creative Media Production Diploma, and students taking A level programmes with the foresight to sieze a brilliant opportunity.


Eastbourne Herald