About Us

about us

Welcome to the arts, communication and media area, a vibrant part of Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne. We offer a superb range of courses, levels, subjects, opportunities and pathways through the creative curriculum. These include all aspects of art and design, creative media production, film and media studies, music and music production, drama and theatre studies, performing arts, dance and production arts.

With over 1,000 students specialising in creative subjects, we offer a unique sixth form experience, quite unlike school or smaller sixth forms

Each course is relatively small (each group is around eighteen students) providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere. By contrast, the scale of the department as a whole gives you access to an outstanding range of specialist facilities, expertise, and the perspectives of teaching and technical staff with amazing experience. This critical mass allows you to pursue the full range of specialist pathways to very high levels. Little wonder, then, that students from this area progress to some of the best undergraduate programmes in the country. Little wonder, either, that Ofsted are repeatedly impressed with the work of the department (see moreWhere else can you get that? 

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